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If there is a super-food that is rich in fiber, packed with nutrients and has the properties of live food, it is Microgreens. The best part is they can be grown at home. Curious to know how you can get started on growing your own microgreens without much hassle?
Tune in to Grow Your Microgreens Session!

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Microgreens are live, functional food, and contain a wide range of vital nutrients like vitamins, minerals, amino acids & enzymes. Microgreens are excellent sources of high-quality protein & are easy to digest.

With Microgreens Live Natural, Disease-Free, Medicine-Free.

HI there! Meet us

We Are Engineers Turned Hydroponic Farmer


Sudhir D. (B.E. Computer)

I studied in Mumbai and then finished my engineering in Bangalore. I have worked in big companies like Nokia, Sapient and small startups like Collpoll. I worked with the product industry as well as the service industry.

For quite some time, I am successfully growing & enjoying nutritious greens by applying the hydroponic vertical farming technique. Here I am sharing my knowledge & skills which I acquired through spending so many hours of research, experiments & mistakes so that you can avoid all those hassles & have a successful growing experience in a very little amount of time.


Priya P. (B.E. Electronics & Telecommunication)

I studied engineering in Aurangabad. I have worked with big clients like Audi, Bosch, Continental AG, Keihin, etc. I worked mainly in automobile part development and certification including ISO.

As a child, I had a keen interest in gardening, and being from a family of a farmer most of my agriculture knowledge was passed to me from my family. I am growing microgreens for the last two years and it has helped me to develop a better lifestyle and boost my immunity as well as confidence.


01. Introduction
  • 01. Welcome to the Grow Your Microgreens.
  • 02. What are microgreens?
  • 03. Health benefits of microgreens.
  • 04. If growing microgreens for you?
02. Seeds and Inert Media
  • 01. How to select seeds?
  • 02. Measuring seeds for proper growth.
  • 03. Grow using compact coco-coins at home.
  • 04. Alternative to coco-peat. Kitchen Towel.
  • 05. Use basic strainer to grow your greens.
  • 06. Seed germination basics.
  • 07. Cocopeat and Perlite mix.
  • 08. Soil Vs Cocopeat; What to choose?
  • 09. Oasis cubes
03. Trays (Commercial Microgreen)
  • 01.Commercial trays and bleaching trays for use.
  • 02. When to opt for electric pump?
04. Day 1 (Plantation)
  • 01. Day 1 : How to evenly plant seeds in tray?
  • 02. Day 1 : Restrict sunlight for high growth.
  • 03. Day 1 : Wheatgrass plantation (Gavankur)
  • 04. Day 1 : N.F.T. Pipes for microgreens commercial setup.
05. pH of water
  • 01. Identify pH using stripes and using pH up/down solution.
  • 02. Identify pH using meter.
06. Day 2
  • 01. Day 2 : Aluminium container microgreens
  • 02. Day 2 : Watering Trays
  • 03. Day 2 : N.F.T. Watering Method
07. Day 3
  • 01. Day 3 : Watering and checking progress.
  • 02. Day 3 : Watering Aluminium container.
  • 03. Day 3 : Watering Trays.
08. Day 4
  • 01. Day 4 : Watering Trays
  • 02. Day 4 : Tackling molds and fungi issues.
  • 03. Day 4 : Sneak peak into side project on microgreens.
  • 04. Day 4 : Watering aluminium containers.
  • 05. Day 4 : Watering N.F.T.
09. Day 5
  • 01. Day 5 : Watering all produce and checking progress.
10. Day 6
  • 01. Day 6 : Harvesting our microgreens.
  • 02. Day 6 : Making micro green juice.
11. Conclude
  • 01. Conclude
  • 02. Whats next?
11. Conclude
  • 01. Conclude
  • 02. Whats next?


Learn to make healthy mixed microgreen drink for you and your family.
One glass every week will show amazing results in just 4 weeks.

Reverse smoking damage by 6 months.
Boost white cell generation by 21%.
Reduce skin pigmentation and achieve clear skin.
Reduce hair fall





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We support each other, we motivate each other, we inspire each other, and sure, we give each other a little tough love when it’s needed.

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With 7 Days Money-Back Guarantee; One time payment, Lifetime Access & Support.


Got Questions? We got answers for you!

Who should take this Course?
This is absolutely all level course if you are a beginner who doesn’t know about growing plants or an agriculture professional who wants to brush up on knowledge of microgreens this course is for you.

Are there prerequisites or language requirements?
There are no certain prerequisite but it’s good if you have the following capacities.

  • If you have an interest in growing food - with little to no experience of urban farming.
  • Anyone looking to start a new business in a food growing market.
  • If you are looking for a health kick!
  • No experience in agriculture needed.

I am a high school student, can I join?
This course revolves around the techniques and science of microgreens, you can take up this course to understand microgreens.

How do I register?
In the checkout process while creating an account you will be registered to growyourmicrogreens, you don’t have to register with us separately.

Can I get a refund if I am unable to attend my course?
In order to be granted a full refund, you must cancel your registration by sending an email to support@hydroponicmasterclass.com with the subject name 'Refund' Please note we are unable to reimburse for any currency conversion or transaction fees charged by your bank, payment gateway or credit-card issuer.

What payment method you support?
We support all credit cards, debit cards, netbanking with over 100+ banks, we support UPI payment via phonepay, google Pay, payTm, we support wallets like mobiquick, paytm wallet, airtel money and we also support EMI.

How many participants are in a course? Can I interact with them?
Currently, you cannot interact with other participants who are taking the course, however, you can connect to them in our private Facebook group on completing the course successfully.

Do I need specific equipment to take Online Courses?
You should have an up-to-date web browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. For more detailed information, Our Online Courses can be accessed on a mobile or tablet device, although we strongly encourage you to have a reliable internet connection. Now you can access our course via any android TV or chrome cast, Amazon firestick as well. Check your welcome email for configuration details.

How do I contact technical support during my course?
For any help we are here writing to us at support@growyourmicrogreens.com with the subject heading ‘Technical Support ‘and we will get your issue resolved.

What should I do if I’m away for a few days?
This course is not time-bound, so you can complete this course as per your comfort, some student prefers learning everything in one go or some students prefer it learning by one chapter each day. You can decide your pace and learn accordingly.

What is the process of money back?
We are extremely sorry, we could not give you a satisfying service. You can write to us at support@hydroponicmasterclass.com by your registered email id with order number(You will find on the invoice sent to your email on the date of purchase) and your money will be refunded to you. Please Note. For security, purpose money will be transferred to the same account and mode of payment you used for purchasing the course.

What will happen to my Facebook group in case of a refund?
Your account access will be invoked soon after we finish processing your refund request, however, you can join us back again in future if you want to access only the Facebook group.


We take pride when our user says we are one of the best course available on hydroponics.
And we intend to always keep it that way.

  • Jeevan Zardoshi
    Explained really well, Basic enough for absolute beginners, though with enough information to feel comfortable to start out on your own.
  • Mahava Ashtekar
    I have some aquaponic background, I'm interested in everything that brings technology and agriculture together. I like what I've seen so far Well done 🙂
  • Jaganath Poonacha
    Very well designed introduction to microgreen course. The tutor presents the subject with clear language and in an organised manner.
  • Sharya Gandhi
    Course so far is good in the basics although some further explanation would be great, Overall this course was informative and aids in providing a spotlight on microgreens growing. I would recommend this course to someone with no knowledge, such as myself.
  • Shanti Bargain
    Very truthful lecture and Sudhir has given a lot of valuable advice. Will receive my starter kit soon and will try to grow microgreens first time in Kerala. Being a vegan bodybuilder and vegan nutritionist, 100% support the concept of greens to our health and for the benefits to our motherly earth. Thank you Sudhir once again
  • Ranjit Kashyap
    Loving the course. Sudhir is a great teacher. easy to understand and he doesn't hold back on knowledge. picking up so many gems from this course. would recommend Sudhir to anyone and everyone who wants to learn about hydroponics. If he doesn't have any other courses yet with you guys, you should get him to launch more content. he will be your next cash cow lol. really enjoying the material and his teaching methods..
  • Pranav Acharekar
    The course has an easy flow based on Sudhir' first-hand experience growing greens. This is the first exposure; a jumpstart knowledge that will help you navigate your decision on growing microgreens for business or for pleasure.
  • Waazir Seth
    The course was very informative and straightforward. It tackles the production, troubleshooting down to the business side of microgreens. On questions left unanswered, a Forum section is also provided for posting. Thank you, Sudhir for an awesome lecture.
  • Bhrigu Ganapuli
    He gave me a good overview of the business. Highly recommended.
  • Arun Ahuja
    The course was packed with information that will be useful. I enrolled on this during the coronavirus crisis. However, I intend to perfect my techniques and launch a business when all this has passed. Thanks for sharing your expertise Sudhir Devkar.
  • Jaswant Jayavant
    Thank you. Loved the course and the way it was structured. Your presence and style of communication were very pleasant, informative and objective. Thank you once again.
  • Madhava Chakravarti
    Really good informative course to get you started. Sudhir presented it really well and I found it easy to digest .... all in all was exactly what I wanted and am looking forward to getting the ball rolling. Am a chef so this is an amazing string to add to my bow. Thank you.
  • Dharma Randhawa
    Really enjoyed this course, it was upfront and real with the information. Personally liked him sharing the mix of stories of what worked and didn't for him.
  • Savyaschin Limbu
    My wife and I are considering doing this for our family, and possibly as a side business as well. This is very informative and is so much more detailed and stepwise than others we have watched.
  • Hala Chetti
    Thank you very much for an excellent course. I really liked your manner of presentation and the clear, no-nonsense presentation of important points (no waffling and boring information that is not needed).
  • Amar Bhatta
    Ya as I am studying agriculture bsc hope it will be helpful in future to me. It was a very good experience to learn a lot from this hydroponics. Thanks, Sudhir for u knowledgeable teaching...
  • Amar Anagal
    I found this course very informative and its definitely going to help me starting my first home-based project. Based on the outcomes I will look for selling to the nearest shops or restaurants. Thanks again Sudhir for designing such an educative & well explanatory course.
  • Yogarasa Shrivastav
    Great course. got me excited to start 🙂 Be good if some more resources on where to buy equipment like trays etc Thanks very much
  • Govinda Gurnani
    Very nice course. Tips are clear and separated effectively. I would like to see more practice videos
  • Kahoda Goyal
    All in all, this course is a great overview for beginners in growing hydroponics. However, as an experienced amateur grower, I did find some very useful tidbits of information. It is enjoyably and clearly presented. Highly recommended for beginners.
  • Sandracottos Devdhar
    I got all the basic but very important information at a good price. Thank you!
  • Jwala Bhardvaj
    It was a good overview that covered pretty much all of the basics. Between this and many other vids on that particular online channel, should have a very good start.
  • Hala Padhi
    I'm enjoying this course. The material is stated directly and simply. Options are given for materials to use for growing hydroponics. The course appears to be full of practical knowledge and good tips.
  • Acarya Thakre
    Thank you really enjoy the course and learn what I need it And I got Inspired
  • Ruksat Nikhar
    Thanks, now I have to try and convince my wife that the garage will have to become a grow house.
  • Shanti Jadhav
    I am from Nashik, India. Yes! this was very helpful and encouraging. I am already growing micro-greens for my family use. I was interested in doing it in much professional manner and trying to learn about it from youtube from long back, but no one was clear and precise as sudhir is.
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  • Harsh Acharekar
    One thing I liked the most about sudhir is, He will do extensive research about the topic he is talking about. I really liked when he explained the difference between sprouts and microgreens farming, and the way he gathered information was just amazing.
  • Baibhav Kapudia
    I know myself for sure, with self-learning from the internet and youtube, it would have taken me at least a decade to gather this knowledge. Thanks, Sudhir for making it available so cheap.
  • Dr. Rene D'silva
    I really liked the test modules inside the course. This course doesn't only pore videos on you, It makes sure you understood them.
  • Ashwin P.
    I found one partner in my city who is willing to set up a microgreen farm, Once Corona lockdown is over, We are going to set this up together. I think the forum is the best thing in this course.
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  • Avinash Kapoor
    I really liked the authenticity of sudhir, He is not like other online video makers who talks a lot of things that are not relevant, He only talks about what is required. And more importantly, he tells his experiences.
  • Sanjay Khare
    I have attended so many online courses in the last month. Everywhere I saw the instructor telling how he is the best and whatever he does is the ultimate thing and how everything works out great. In reality, it is not the case with a lot of us. Sudhir pins point that perfectly. I really started liking this course once sudhir started telling, what mistakes he did and how that mistakes costed him financially. And what we should avoid. Real knowledge, and really a humble instructor.
  • Vishal Mane
    The only course which offers farm visit where I can put all my learnings to test before even start investing into it. I couldn't ask for more!

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